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From British car developer Isiggonis to Westwood, McCartney to Ives, through the days of ‘Cool Britannia’, British design has always been at the forefront of global trends, with iconic products that combine function with creativity. Clean-cut, inspired, beautiful pieces that serve as much more than objects of aesthetic value.

In this tradition Bynnz was founded in 2013 by husband and wife duo Nick and Kathereen Anson. A meeting of British elegance with the Colombian dynamic of flair and passion that has created an “alegría de la vida” or ‘Joy of Life’, central to our Products DNA.

our-storyBased in the traditional heartlands of central England, Bynnz has been going from strength to strength notably without sacrificing anything of our total commitment to product quality and beautiful design.

The Bynnz mantra is simple: Great designs, top quality, amazing value for money.

Gone are the days of purchasing more ‘brand than quality’: We believe the focus has to be in the right place, making sure you get the quality you’d expect at a price you’re willing to pay.

We have worked hard to bridge this gap between High-street and Designer. In February 2016, our in-house design team, led by designer Nicole Smallwood, launched our new line via a re-vamped website. This new trend-led, hand-crafted collection from Bynnz, provides fashion forward, top range quality at affordable prices.

Of course sunglasses need to be functional, that’s a given, but as a consumer it’s important that you feel like a VIP while wearing them.

As Jack Nicholson said…“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60”

Gone are the days of wearing the same sunglasses for all occasions. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes for all events so why should you limit yourself to one pair of eye-wear? Just like a fine watch or the cut and material of your clothes, the sunglasses you wear make a statement about you, your values, your life-style.

So, what makes Bynnz special?

OK, so we’re offering the best quality at reduced prices, with free shipping and free returns, but what else…why Bynnz?

Bynnz is a hot new brand, built on substance, cutting edge design and quality, we leave the tacky and brash ‘flash in the pan’ to others. Bynnz is for those who go against the ‘me too’ philosophy and who want to be different but stylish. Bynnz is for the Fashion leaders rather than the Fashion followers.

We’ve selected the most popular sunglasses styles, then we’ve added flair: we’ve made them better. We’ve done this by using a variety of different materials to distinguish the Bynnz brand. We have wayfarers with a luxurious velvet frame, oversized sunglasses with sophisticated leather arms, a plethora of wooden options and where you see the ‘P’, you know they come with polarized lenses as standard. All of our sunglasses substantially protect your eyes from those UVA and UVB rays as, after all, quality through function and design is core to who we are.

We’re proud to be offering something new to the market place. We’re proud of every single one of our designs, and what’s more, we’re proud of our British heritage.

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in retail opportunities, we’d love to hear from you:

[email protected]

07703 758 967

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